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Comfort spheres:           In time the sphere loses pressure and hardens the suspension. If, after checking the suspension, the problem is not solved by fitting new standard spheres with
                                      optimal pressure
, the Comfort sphere will bring you its flexibility.They are also approved by the TUV and guaranteed for 2 years.

Standard spheres:        The specifics of the spheres of origin are respected according to OEM characteristics (Original Equipment Manufacturer). The manufacturing process is
                                      ISO 9001 and I.F.H.S. has obtained another international quality standard: "TÜV-approved".
                                     The parts are new, bodies, membranes, parts of screws, plugs, etc.

VAT:                             Professionals, so when you enter your details as long as you have filled the company name space and are from a country in the EU you will be given the option
                                     to enter a VATnumber, this is the only place, this will then removed VAT from your order as long as it is a valid VAT number. Individuals & professionals, VAT
                                     excluded for countries outside EU.

Note:                            Suspension spheres are sold in pairs.